Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)

Nancy Sinatra

The hopeless romantic fell in love with the realist, and neither have been the same way since.
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"Jim! Wake up, it’s just a dream, wake up!"

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*kisses nose*

[ Captain James T. Kirk is known across Federation-space as a grand hero. The man born out of disaster and destined for greatness, proving himself time and time again. A man with skill, bravery, cunning, and charisma. Solidarity in the face of terror and delicacy in the face of sensitivity. Perseverance in diversity and determination in hopelessness. His history has been recorded in Earth history books.

But despite all of this splendor, he still can’t help but blush slightly and grin a stupid smile at the touch of a kiss on his nose from his lover slash friend slash CMO. ]

[Sometimes even Jim has to admit he's pushed his wakefulness too far. Sometimes he'll run by the rush of adrenaline during an exciting mission and won't be able to calm down for ages. But, when he finally does, a stale, humming headache surrounds the front of his head and the captain visibly wilts against Spock's shoulder in the safety of their room.]





[Spock sets his PADD aside, feeling Jim’s head fall against his shoulder. The Vulcan turns slowly, easing his captain down onto the bed before moving to sit on the edge of the cot. He’s just to the side of Jim’s chest. Spock carefully reaches out his hands, placing two slim fingers on Jim’s temples, closing his own eyes to send a wave of quiet calm through their bond.]

You must not push yourself to extremes, t’hy’la. Humans are not built for such exhaustion.

[Spock is always content to wait with Jim while he falls asleep. Over the years the Vulcan has become more comfortable with using his abilities to ease the stresses of his shipmates. He didn’t overstep into the medical realm of course, but sometimes people preferred something less clinical when the problem was simply exhaustion or an overwhelming rush of emotions. There were medications that could help with that of course, but Spock could siphon it off just as easily.

As Jim shifted, pulling on his wrist, Spock shifted back so that Jim was more or less curled around him, but did not lie fully down. Instead he draped one arm across Jim’s shoulders, the other gently breaking Jim’s grasp on his wrist and moving again to his captain’s temple—his touch cool as always.]

I am not. I have only been awake for twenty-eight hours. Sleep is not mandatory until seventy-two hours of wakefulness have passed.


[ Jim let out a soft huff, but happily allowed himself to be moved around Spock as he pleased. He nestled into the Vulcan’s side and curled around his waist, listening to the pound of his heart. He vaguely notes that thought that he should someday calculate his and Spock’s sleeping patterns so that they may sleep together every time Spock went to sleep, but the thought left as quickly as it came. Instead, he focused on the soothing coolness of the Vulcan’s body, and the touch to his head. He would be satisfied just with Spock caressing his face, but caressing his mind is just a bonus. ]


[Spock’s mouth twitched slightly at the sound of mild discontent. Jim eventually settled himself, however, and Spock could feel his own heart—situated low in his abdomen—beating slowly and steadily against Jim’s chest. He felt Jim’s mind musing and stayed close to the train of thought, but didn’t make any effort to insert himself. He continued to send relaxing, calming impulses through the point at which his fingers met Jim’s temples.]

It does have significant efficiency benefits.

But not for snuggling.

[ As drowsiness invaded Jim’s mind, his thoughts grew disconnected and lazy, his head growing heavier against Spock’s shoulder. He shuffled closer to nuzzle into his neck, enjoying the cooler skin against his forehead. That’s right. Become to entangled in Spock’s body to make it physically impossible for him to leave.

Very Kirk-like. ]

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I do love your dirty talk.~


Even when you can’t talk back?

Are you hinting at a gag?

Because I’m game.

why do i get a flower

is it because i am a flower

is it because my name is lilie

skeptical five